Office Projects


“Robocoating 4 tip Carousel system” “6 axis robotic paint spray path” These technical expressions mean durable and smooth painted surfaces which do not have risk of carcinogenic gas emission, and are impact resistant. We manufacture healthy and quality painted parts for your furniture on our automatic painting assembly line.


Plastic parts that are made of scrap materials are used in most of. These extremely fragile parts also threatens our health. We produce our own templates at our 3700 m2 manufacturing site, and manufacture our all plastic and polyurethane elements within our facilities by using original raw material. Therefore, plastic parts that we use in our products are durable and quality.


We shape metal with CNC technologies in the metal processing division that takes place in our manufacturing site. Metal is a material used in almost all seat models and most of our furniture models, it contributes to the construction strength. Furniture that does not have metal components are not long lasting. Therefore, we prefer to manufacture metal parts, which we use in our products in our own factory instead of sourcing them from Far East or the free market.