Real Estate

Expected Place

At the expected place, far beyond the expectations.
Taking strength from its quarter-century-old experience in sectors such as construction, FURNİTURES ,food, and textiles, HGS Real Estate started out in 2007 to help foreign investors enjoy profitable, reasonable, and safe investments, as well as investment channels, in Turkey.

Following the establishment

Following the establishment of its ANKARA headquarters and branch offices in İSTANBUL, HGS Real Estate opened offices in DUBAİ, KSA and SPAİN – all of which are considered the new attraction centers for Turkey’s tourism and real estate market. It then went on to commission its Bodrum office in May 2010. By locating its real estate appraisal staff in all of these centers the company aspired to dominate domestic markets. Thus, it is able to acquire in-depth understanding of local differences more quickly, providing investors with realistic, reliable and knowledge-based opportunities.

HGS Real Estate

Through its expert staff HGS Real Estate shares its domestic knowledge of Arabic investors with its partners and agencies in Saudi Arabia and Dubai as well as other Arabic countries, consulting its investors on BUY, SELL & RENT.